7 Ways to Make Your Article More Qualitative

What associations do you have with a word research writing or creating new content? Do you feel the anxiety because of deadlines and word count? It goes without saying that writing is an art that requires persistence. With the help of different figures of speech and literary devices, the author expresses the thoughts to convince […]


Writing an analogy essay requires practice and patience as it is not easy to find points of comparison between two things that are not closely related. Analogies are used as a figure of speech and idioms and help the reader in understanding the theme and concept of the topic in a better and refined manner. […]

How to write a great essay: 7 rules to remember

Understanding the skills of essay writing is very essential as it is the obligatory academic assignment which has a great impact on your overall grades. It is certainly not possible to write your first essay perfectly as it needs practice and consistency to build command over your writing skills. This post is to enlighten you […]