Menstrual Problems in Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is the period when different type of changes occurs suddenly in the body and many questions and curiousness may arise all over the mind of the adolescents for those types of changes. The first thing they do is that they can’t understand or we can say that they can’t adjust themselves after the changes. […]

Importance Of Soft Skills In Your Career

No matter what kind of sector you plan on getting into, it is very essential for you to incorporate soft skills in your method of working in order for you to become a potential candidate for a job. No matter how talented you are, without the right soft skills you will not manage to face […]

10 Useful Tips for Making a Good Research Paper

At first glance, research paper writing is a real nightmare for students. Believe it or not, but you can actually make the writing process smooth and effortless or even enjoy it. It all depends on your approach, time management and your interest in the topic chosen. These ten tips will definitely help you not just […]

What Makes For A Great Presentation?

What Makes For A Great Presentation? Some basics that you may not have considered but these tiny changes will make a big difference to the way you present yourself and your work. It isn’t easy for beginners or intermediates to stand up in front of a large audience and deliver speeches and presentations just like […]

The Web Quests In The Area Of Continuing Education

The Web Quests In The Area Of Continuing Education. Introduction and Information about the Web Quests and the application of various techniques of Web Quests in Educational activities. The web quest is not a new approach to teaching students. It appeared in 1995 when the Internet and the Web were still something new and unexplored […]

Essential Tips to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

It is essential to nurture the self-esteem of your child in order for him to develop the essential skills that are required to grow and achieve success. There are a number of things parents need to keep in mind when it comes to helping their children develop their self-esteem. While parents try different techniques to […]

Importance of Educational Websites to the Students

Importance of Educational Websites to the Students and the status of e-learning in Nepal | Challenges |  Past, Present and Future | There are many websites found in the internet. Some have got importance while some are aimed at just brain washing of the people who view those websites. The “importance” is depicted when the […]