The journey of a passionate dreamer; me

” It may be far too distant to become the best but bit by bit everyday I am growing ,everyday I realize that I have accomplished something more than the past ,every day with a hungry heart I set out with a passionate attitude and the sheer love of obtaining success.” The Day that turned […]

Where are we moving?

This is the question that is also answer and a visionary direction to most of the chaos  of current days in Nepal. If every one of us could ask this question to ourself with keeping aside all the prejudices, biases and dilemma about what we want and how we can achieve it, we will get […]

Online jobs in Nepal

online jobs in nepal and online jobs in kathmandu

An insight into online Jobs in Nepal and guide for selecting/applying for online tasks that claim to make money for you through internet. Some of the topics covered in this article are: Online Jobs in Nepal for students | Online jobs in Nepal for students without any investments | Home based internet jobs for Nepali […]

Student Life

“Write an essay on ‘student life’” this question was frequently asked in your school level examination and I hope you had given your best on this. Let’s not talk about ‘Student life is neither full of joy nor full of sorrow.’, ‘Student life is golden life’ and other matters related to your schooling. We all […]

Farm Mechanization In Nepal

tractor for modern farming

Farm Mechanization in Nepal; challenges, opportunities and importance  Nepal is an agricultural country having diversified type of climate condition. From apple to watermelon, tomato to potato etc every types of food crops to cash crops can be grown here because of its diversified type of climatic condition. The agriculture contributes to about 34.7% to national […]

काठमाडौँमा म एउटा शाकाहारी

“अलि कति खा न केहि पनि हुदैन” “हामी कसैलाई भन्दैनौ” “भाई आफ्नु आत्मा मर्नु हुदैन खाउ खाउ केहि पनि हुदैन” काठमाडौँ आए पछाडी मैले यस्ता कुराहरु धेरै सुने| यस्ता कुराहरु सुन्दा लाछ कि मलाई खान मन छ तर केहि कुराहरुले मेरो हात मासु तिर बदाउन रोक्दै छन्| उनीहरुलाई थाहा छ म केहि गरे पनि खाने […]

Rebuilding Nepal after Earthquake

Earthquake Nepal

Recreating Nepal We have lost infrastructure, human life and many other things when the magnitude of 7.8 earthquake occurred on Nepal. We have lost a huge amount of wealth and human life. Those buildings, infrastructure, temples and other things related to development have been destroyed in just some seconds. Now there is a question in […]