Four Useful Ways to Help Students Effectively Utilize Advanced Educational Resources for English Language Skills

Developing English language skills is essential for academic as well as professional growth. The technological advancement has offered students improved learning platforms to assist in enhancing their skills and to develop them further. The advanced educational resources with online access are really helpful for students who want to improve their skills comparatively faster. However, the […]

Life’s a long journey, and you’re the pilot

“Don’t let that hero in you die, keep on making mistakes, keep on challenging yourself ,Keep on experimenting yourself -life is short and you have a long journey to travel” What made you the person what you are today. What shaped your personality and values that you now perceive more stupendous and most concrete than […]

Finding an Internship in Australia

Finding an Internship in Australia For graduates entering the workforce, landing that first job can be something of a catch-22. Even entry level jobs often require some hands-on experience, but it can be difficult to get the experience without having a job. This is where an internship can provide you with a helpful foot in […]

The journey of a passionate dreamer; me

” It may be far too distant to become the best but bit by bit everyday I am growing ,everyday I realize that I have accomplished something more than the past ,every day with a hungry heart I set out with a passionate attitude and the sheer love of obtaining success.” The Day that turned […]

Where are we moving?

This is the question that is also answer and a visionary direction to most of the chaos  of current days in Nepal. If every one of us could ask this question to ourself with keeping aside all the prejudices, biases and dilemma about what we want and how we can achieve it, we will get […]

Online jobs in Nepal

online jobs in nepal and online jobs in kathmandu

An insight into online Jobs in Nepal and guide for selecting/applying for online tasks that claim to make money for you through internet. Some of the topics covered in this article are: Online Jobs in Nepal for students | Online jobs in Nepal for students without any investments | Home based internet jobs for Nepali […]