Farm Mechanization In Nepal

tractor for modern farming

Farm Mechanization in Nepal; challenges, opportunities and importance  Nepal is an agricultural country having diversified type of climate condition. From apple to watermelon, tomato to potato etc every types of food crops to cash crops can be grown here because of its diversified type of climatic condition. The agriculture contributes to about 34.7% to national […]

काठमाडौँमा म एउटा शाकाहारी

“अलि कति खा न केहि पनि हुदैन” “हामी कसैलाई भन्दैनौ” “भाई आफ्नु आत्मा मर्नु हुदैन खाउ खाउ केहि पनि हुदैन” काठमाडौँ आए पछाडी मैले यस्ता कुराहरु धेरै सुने| यस्ता कुराहरु सुन्दा लाछ कि मलाई खान मन छ तर केहि कुराहरुले मेरो हात मासु तिर बदाउन रोक्दै छन्| उनीहरुलाई थाहा छ म केहि गरे पनि खाने […]

Rebuilding Nepal after Earthquake

Earthquake Nepal

Recreating Nepal We have lost infrastructure, human life and many other things when the magnitude of 7.8 earthquake occurred on Nepal. We have lost a huge amount of wealth and human life. Those buildings, infrastructure, temples and other things related to development have been destroyed in just some seconds. Now there is a question in […]

Foreign students in United States

Study in the US? Be Ready for the Challenges Living in a new place is always exciting as well as challenging, including for students. When you become foreign students in the United States for example, there will be a lot of new things you are going to find there, such as the culture, people, food, […]

Education system in Nepal

Education systen in Nepal

Still remember the days when, in an over flowing class of 52 students, a teacher would sit at the front desk grading piles of papers the students had submitted as part of their bi-monthly examination. These were the years when we prioritized grades over knowledge. As soon as the bimonthly drew close, everybody turned tight-lipped, […]