Important Factors Affecting Every Child Assessment Results

Exams are very important; no educational system can be completed without a proper assessment system whether it is through written examination or by oral sessions. Teachers cannot judge a student’s performance without it. The academic results are prepared after several sessions of written and oral tests and students have to clear them under any circumstances. […]

How to turn your Internship into a Job

As a student fresh out of college, landing an internship in the company and field of your choice can seem like the greatest happiness in the world. While interns are breathing their sighs of relief and eagerly showing up full of dreams of one day being hired as a full-time employee, it can feel extremely […]

College Students with Disabilities -Starting Off Right

School, college and university education is very important for students including students with disabilities. Education should be provided to all students regardless of his disabilities. There are many schools and colleges that deny admission to students with disabilities. It is an intolerable impartiality because students should be treated the same. If schools and college treat […]

Value Schools Place on Education Degrees

Good teachers are always in demand by schools and students. A formally trained and qualified school teacher can deliver interesting lessons for students to learn to the best of their ability.  I would also say, learning is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon as children are eager to learn and better themselves. […]

A flashpoint to happiness

These days I feel like I am learning each day. Every day I am surrounded by people who inspire me to write something. My head is filled with many ideas, imaginations and a story that links to those people either directly or indirectly. In the present scenario I am so much affected by these words […]