How it feels like being a gay

Above all I am a person who wants to live his life to the fullest. I want to enjoy my life to every bit and live with no regret. I don’t know whether people understand me or not, neither I know whether I do understand or not. I know I have two parts within me, […]

The Top 10 Benefits of Including BIM in a Project Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a construction project involves many stakeholders, a significant volume of data and an array of processes from project inception to project closure and beyond. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent construction methodology involving the digital transformation of graphical and non-graphical data and is considered a process that adds value in a […]

3 Simple Way SMS Can Improve College Student Attendance

Convincing students to attend class is always a challenge. But as a college it’s vitally important that you find ways to encourage students attend class whenever possible. Throughout any level of school, attendance is the key to students staying engaged and keeping their grades high. If you want your students to succeed, it’s clear that […]

Tips to dealing with CAT comprehension Passages

The purpose of reading a comprehension is to understand author’s interpretation and its meaning that he is conveying through the passage. As a reader, you need to connect the meaning of the first sentence to the following passages in order to understand the underlying meaning of the whole passage. Students have dealt with passages all […]

IQ: Unrivalled Brain Boosting Recipes for Better Intelligence Quotient

IQ is Intelligence Quotient in its full depiction and is an extremely broad measure of learning potential that, in addition to other things, includes the capacity to reason, arrange, tackle issues, think dynamically, and appreciate complex thoughts. IQ tests don’t gauge overall intelligence. IQ tests are institutionalized evaluations. They contain a uniform arrangement of guidelines […]

Changes in Education System in Past, Present and Future

Education is the process of learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Education system was becoming stronger from ancient civilization period itself. During civilization period people need to study writing and reading to transmit knowledge from person to person and from generation to generation. From that time itself education is becoming […]

10 Tips to help You Get Better at Resume Writing

A lot of people have experienced a situation in which they didn’t get the job, even though the other candidates had almost the same qualification and experience. They often ask: “Why did he get the job? We have the same competencies!” Usually, the answer is – because of the resume.  Resume writing  should be taken […]