9 tips on editing and proofreading an essay

For a lot of students who have a hard time with writing articles and essays, there is another bigger problem awaiting right after the completion of writing; editing of essay. Learning to edit and polish an essay is usually a hefty job for even the writers with a good experience of writing. Editing requires a […]

Beware! they are using you to make money.

People are capitalizing the innocence, ignorance, dreams and lack of knowledge of others to make a fortune for themselves. LinkedIn is used more often as the best platform to manipulate and victimize the targets while such scammers are active on other big and small networks as well. Here are five of the most common spams […]

An Inside Look at The Special Education Profession

As the name says it all, special education is basically the training setup, learning environment or carefully designed institutional work patterns that are offered to the pupils with special needs. We are generally talking about those students who are not equivalent to normal kids and they are having some physical or mental deficiencies which they […]

Top 10 Ways to Get Money for College

If you are a student, it’s hard to pay tuition fees by yourself, unless your parents or adults relatives help you, because you need to balance your classes with the job, which sounds impossible. One of the easiest ways to get money for college, besides grants and scholarships, is to apply for aid package, a […]