5 Tips for Students to Boost Their Thinking Skills

Schools and colleges are supposed to build a student’s thinking and analytical skills through a range of multi-disciplinary academic exercises that is not limited to researching and writing. However, the large number of assignments that they get, most of which are general composition writing, do not contribute to building a student’s skills. Education is important, […]

Race, Class, and Education – The Web of Inequality

Attending a middle class school exposes minority students to higher expectations and more educational and career options, mainly because middle-class parents are typically more invested in the schools’ and their children’s performances than low-income parents, who have other needs to take care of first. The relationship between housing and schooling is profound: in many parts […]

Daisy- A story by Asmita Aryal

It was the season of Autumn.One Monday I was walking along the bank of a river stepping on the brown and golden leaves that were parted from the trees.The green leaves on the trees seemed to be angry with me for stepping those fallen leaves,which were once their friends The season was a tragedy for […]

10 Tips to improve your writing skills

For some people, writing is an intimidating task while for others, it is a piece of cake. Improving your writing skills is simple and requires little effort. Here are the ten tips that can boost your writing skills: Read, read and read The more you read, the better it will be. Good writers are always […]

Engineers Need Critical Thinking Skills To Succeed

It’s not important if you’re the chief engineer, a design engineer, or somewhere in the middle, every engineer needs critical thinking skills. Most work in this profession depends on clear strategies and  sensible decisions. These decisions can only be formed through a well designed process of thought. The decisions related to design can be easily […]