Simple and Easy Tips to Boost your Performance in GATE exam

Usually it is a dream of every student to pursue higher studies ion one of the reputed colleges. There are many competitive exams for further studies like CAT. CMAT, GATE etc. As we all know that GATE is one of the most difficult exams of the world. In fact, it comes in the most 10 difficult exams of the world. Every student starts preparing for GATE exam during their graduation time. But many times we fail in cracking it. Despite of studying hard it is really difficult to face failure. You can also choose one of the best coaching institutes for GATE in Chandigarh. I know you must be thinking of some ways to crack this exam or improving your performance. Let’s solve your problem and give you some easy and simple tips that will boost your performance in the exams:

Relax your mind before exam

Relaxation is the foremost tips. Whenever you are going for an exam, make sure to relax yourself prior to exam. Study also reveals that relaxation before exam boosts your performance and energy level. Best way of relaxation is the exercise or meditation before exam. Walk for 10-20 minutes before entering into exam hall. It will help you in keeping you calm and also increase your performance to do better.

Speak loudly instead of reading silently

Whenever you are preparing for the exam, always speak loudly while learning instead of reading silently. Loud speaking helps you in keeping learning quickly rather than silent reading. In fact it also helps in clearing doubts as you will solve your own queries. We also skip content in silent reading but there are rare chances of skipping content. Moreover, it is psychological proven that loud readers score more marks compared to silent readers.

Teach what you have learned

Teaching is one of the simplest and best methods to remember anything. If you remember during our childhood days we used to spend most of our time in teaching and in this process we learn many things as we repeat continuously. You can also choose same method for preparation of GATE exams. You can teach to your fellow students or anyone else. In this manner you will revise your all syllabus and will also remember everything you learnt.

Draw diagrams

Diagrams are savage in case of learning something important. Always remember to draw diagrams in case of learning. Don’t mix diagram with pictorial representation of any object. It can be graphical representation of points or sub points, diagrams or pictorial representation will help you in understanding the concept in better way. Moreover it will also help you in remembering the key points of the main answer. In fact it will also help you in quick revision prior to exam. It will save your time too.

Block social networking sites

As we all know it is the era of internet and we spend most of time on internet. We must agree that we are addicted to this extent that we often waste our time in browsing social networking sites which affects our performance in the exams. Always use apps to block such site prior to the preparation of the exams. In this way your time will be saved and you will concentrate more on the studies than on social networking sites. It is the best way to avoid wasting of time.

Watch a documentary on the topic

If you are preparing for competitive exams, always watch some kind of documentary related to the topics. Documentary visualizes the concept in detail. I know it is very difficult to understand the concept theoretical but visualizing makes it easy to understand. One can easily understand the topic after seeing it. Moreover it is easy to learn facts and figures in creative manner rather than learning from old traditional method. Moreover documentary will give you accurate information.

Take regular study breaks

Regular interval in the study helps in increasing the performance.  If we keep on studying on regular basis, it will freeze our mind. Give yourself a break of 30-40 minutes after studying continuously. It will make your mind relax. Study reveals that relaxed minds observe things more quickly than tired mind. Avoid studying during night time. Instead of it, study in early morning. Mind is most fresh after waking up and most tired at time. It is myth that students can study hard at night time. Early morning study is always fruitful.

Listen to mind-relaxing music

Music always soothes your mind. If you are preparing for competitive exams, always listen to the music that will relax your mind. Listen to only good music, that music will boost your performance. In case you love sad music and thinking of listening to it, don’t try. It will make you more disturbed and you will lose your focus from studies. Good and sound music will increase your performance, marks and results where as sad or depressing music can gives the worst results.

Portable Study Space

Study space should be portable and neat. In order there is issue you can easily shift your study area. Study space should be neat and clean. Also keep your all learning stuff near yourself so that it can be provided immediately in case of need. Also avoid yourself in engaging extra reading as it will mix everything in your mind and you will face difficulty later on while giving exam.

Practice and practice more

Practice makes a man perfect. A successful person does not achieve success at first step. He fails and learns and practices more at the end he succeeds. Same is in case of students who are preparing for the competitive exams. You should practice and practice more. Try to analyze your performance it will helps you in better scores. After finishing the syllabus give one more time practice it will improve your performance in the competitive exams and will give you better scores.

One can score high marks. It is not a tough job. The right guideline and proper concentration will result in cracking the exam with flying colors. Besides above guidelines, you should also join the best Coaching centre for GATE in Chandigarh in order to clear all doubts and crack good marks. Join best institute and follow above points, you will cross the first step of cracking the exam. I Hope these tips will be fruitful for you. Wish you good luck for your GATE examination.


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